At Rubiq, we think out of the box to give you innovative, captivating and vibrant ideas in designing, advertising and marketing fields. We help brands connect with customers, through channels people love to create experiences they value. Be it through the print, digital or social media, we strive to enhance your visibility across every walk of life.


Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small and, having an effective brand strategy can be the key component to the increasingly competitive markets.

Brand strategy & identity

We work towards identifying challenges, exploring opportunities and building a plan for a long-term growth. Furthermore, we conceptualize and create an identity for your business with a logo that is effective and memorable.

Office branding

Presenting your company in a right way to prospective clients is a key factor to getting business, and a crucial part of the company’s presentation revolves around office branding. We help design your office in a way that will help grow your business.

Event branding

Attractive visual communication is essential for the success of any event/ exhibition. We create exciting and stimulating stall designs, backdrops, invitations, standees, etc that fully adhere to your corporate branding guidelines, giving customers a clear visual message throughout your entire event.

Print & layout

We design high-end brochures, flyers, posters, banners, hoardings, stationery items, signage etc. and help you maximize your return on every investment.


We ensure that our clients reach the largest and most relevant audience through various advertising channels available – through newspaper/ magazine ads, press releases, hoardings, radio commercials, online marketing, web banners, emailers/ newsletters, social networking sites